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Jeroen van Bart

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  • Wackers Classical Artschool

    Currently in 4th/6 year

  • Web-Development

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My Appreciation for Artists' Authentic Expression

What I value most in art created by other artists is their remarkable ability to encapsulate their essence in a specific moment and skillfully communicate it through their chosen medium. There is an awe-inspiring quality when artists authentically capture the essence of their being in a single moment, freezing it in time through their artistic expression. It is through their unique lens and creative prowess that they are able to convey a depth of emotion, thought, and experience that resonates with viewers. Whether it be through painting, sculpture, photography, or any other artistic form, artists possess the extraordinary talent to evoke a profound sense of connection and understanding. They translate their innermost thoughts, feelings, and perspectives into tangible manifestations, inviting others to witness and engage with their creative journey. In witnessing these artistic expressions, I find myself deeply moved and inspired. The ability to convey one's being in a particular moment is a testament to the power of art and its ability to transcend barriers and touch the hearts and minds of others.

The Meaning of Art: A Personal Journey

Art, to me, is a profound means of self-expression. To truly convey what art means in my life, allow me to guide you through my creative process, which unfolds in a dynamic and non-linear manner. The following steps form the foundation of my artistic endeavors, often occurring in no particular order:
  • Investigating a subject
  • Crafting a narrative
  • Capturing the essence visually
The exploration of a subject begins with inspiration, which can be sparked by a myriad of sources, always intertwined with something deeply personal. It could arise from an image that sparks introspection, a significant event, or even a captivating piece of music. This initial inspiration propels me to delve into the subject, gathering information and allowing the narrative to unfold organically. To distill this narrative into a tangible image, I am inevitably confronted with the question, "What message do I wish to convey?" Now, returning to the question at hand, "What does art mean to me?" Art serves as my catalyst for continual self-discovery, an ongoing quest to comprehend myself, society, and the world at large. It motivates me to immerse myself in new realms of knowledge, exploring diverse topics that pique my curiosity. Ultimately, art becomes the medium through which I channel my newfound insights and discoveries, a means of sharing my unique perspective with others.

Very early work


Discovering Meaning through Visual Art

The true power of an image lies in its remarkable capacity to adapt itself to each individual viewer and the ever-changing passage of time. A single image can evoke diverse and contrasting meanings for different people, as each person is shaped by their unique memories, dreams, and experiences. Similarly, the same image can hold distinct significance when encountered on separate occasions. Attempting to explain the precise meaning behind my work would only dilute this inherent power. Instead, I invite you to embark on a personal journey of exploration, allowing yourself to discover and embrace your own interpretations.