BIO of a Dreamer

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Jeroen van Bart

Entered the world in:


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Educational background:

  • Wackers Classical Artschool

    Currently in 3th/6 year

  • Web-Development

  • Marketing and Communications


Part Time Artist

Full Time frontEnd webDeveloper

What i value most in art from other artists:

The ability to capure their being on that moment in time and express it through their medium of choice.

What does art mean to me?

Art is a way to express myself. So in order to explain what art means to me I have to take you through my process. For creating my works I take the following steps in random order:
  • Investigating a subject
  • Creating a story
  • Capture the story visually
Investigating a subject starts with inspiration, and inspiration can come from many things but it is always related to something personal. It can be an image that makes you question something, an event or music that you like. Investigating this subject starts with gathering information about the topic and so the story develops. To capture this story into an image you cannot pass by the question "what is the message I want to communicate?". So to get back to the question "What does art mean to me?" Art is my motivation to learn new things about myself, about society/the world and all other topics that peak my interest and art is an outlet of all new things discovered.

Why painting?

My passion for painting started at a later age, after I had to give up sports 5 days a week. In search of a new "Hobby" I tried painting and from the first time I held a brush all sense of time was lost. Combine that with being a lifelong dreamer and the need to create and my passion for painting was born. Also I cannot sing.


What does my work mean?

The greatest power an image possesses is the ability to adapt itself to both viewer and time. The same image can have a totally different meaning for two different people since every person is unique in memories, dreams and experiences. The same can be said for the same image on different occasions. To explain What meaning I used to create an image weakens this power and rather than poisoning your mind with my take on things I invite you to find your own meaning.