Jeroen van Bart

"An Image has the power to adapt its story to both viewer and time."

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Dante First Stage of Hell

Oil on canvas || 100 X 80 CM



J. van Bart

J. van Bart

Discovering Meaning through Visual Art

The true power of an image lies in its remarkable capacity to adapt itself to each individual viewer and the ever-changing passage of time. A single image can evoke diverse and contrasting meanings for different people, as each person is shaped by their unique memories, dreams, and experiences. Similarly, the same image can hold distinct significance when encountered on separate occasions. Attempting to explain the precise meaning behind my work would only dilute this inherent power. Instead, I invite you to embark on a personal journey of exploration, allowing yourself to discover and embrace your own interpretations.

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During my time at art school, we were given an assignment: to recreate a renowned painting, matching its original dimensions. Additionally, we were tasked with enlarging another famous artwork, surpassing its original size. Of course, for reference, we were provided with a mere A4 printout. Through firsthand experience, I discovered that this process involves a significant amount of mathematics. Achieving the correct aspect ratio, maximizing canvas utilization, and determining precise placement for key elements such as the eyes require careful calculations. After enduring finger blisters from excessive calculator use, I made a decision to simplify the process by creating a user-friendly code. You can explore the tool by following the link below. If you, as an artist, ever encounter a problem that can be solved with code, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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