Existence of a Universal Memory

Oil on wood Board || 2023

60 X 80 CM
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In the vast tapestry of cosmic existence, there exists a concept as enigmatic as it is perplexing—Time. A concept that dances to a different rhythm in the grand symphony of the universe, often asynchronous between the cosmos and the observer. The peculiar delay in perceiving the present moment casts humanity as denizens of the past, for by the time 'now' reaches our awareness, the universe has long since moved on. It's a cosmic tease where the universe is forever one step ahead, a manifestation of the deterministic and symmetrical nature of the cosmos.

But what is time, this elusive enigma? It is the fulcrum upon which the future transforms into the past, an inexorable march toward the crescendo of entropy. The universe, expanding since the dramatic overture of the Big Bang, appears destined for a grand finale—a "Heat death" where energy diffuses so uniformly that all becomes one. Fortunately, this cosmic curtain call is scheduled eons beyond our earthly sojourn. In the meantime, one can't help but wonder if humanity's penchant for self-destruction might script its own finale well before the universe's grand denouement.

Contemplating the cosmic ballet, one muses—could the universe's march towards entropy and the river of time be entwined? If so, might altering one's course steer the other? Could there exist a gravitational force, akin to a celestial memory, tugging at the universe's expansiveness, forcing it to return to its initial state? After all, the universe ballooned exponentially in the first fleeting moments after the Big Bang. Over time, its expansion ebbs and flows, sparking fantastical scenarios of cosmic rebirth.

Could it be that we are hurtling toward a pivotal juncture? A moment when the cosmic embrace, that unseen force that binds galaxies and stars, surpasses the relentless push of expansion? Entropy, on the brink of its inexorable decline, might waver. Could this herald an epoch where time, much like a film reel reversed, rewinds? Millennia from now, life could unfold in reverse, a mirrored reflection of the past, culminating in a grand finale—a silent, cosmic exhalation akin to an ancient television screen flickering into oblivion, a big zap.

In the cosmic theater where time and entropy waltz, the boundaries of reality blur, and the universe keeps its secrets close. Whether time will ever run in reverse, or if the universe holds the memory of its beginnings in a gravitational embrace, remains a riddle that stirs the imagination of curious souls. As we ponder these cosmic mysteries, we are reminded that our existence, however brief in the grand cosmic tale, is an opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe and to dance with the enigmatic partner that is time.