Fluidity of Passing Light

Soft-pastel on paper || 2023

65 X 50 CM
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Lost in the vivid landscape of my mind, I find myself absentmindedly doodling in a notebook. Thoughts drift like gentle currents, carrying me to unknown lands of imagination. During these moments, the world around me blurs, and I'm in a trance, completely absorbed in the depths of my creativity.

Intrigued by the doodle that emerged during my mind's wandering journey, I decided to bring it to life using the medium of soft pastels. With swift and deliberate strokes, the figure came alive on the canvas, capturing the essence of my imagination. The soft, vibrant colors blended seamlessly, and in those moments of creative flow, I felt a deep connection to my artwork, as if it had been born from the very core of my being. The simplicity and spontaneity of the process made soft pastels the perfect medium to breathe life into the captivating figure that had sprung from the depths of my thoughts.