Oil on canvas || 2022

50 X 40 CM
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In the realm of a peculiar existence, days followed a pattern that began on the day of birth and vowed to continue until the very end. The boundary of each day materialized at the stroke of midnight, 00:00, shrouded in uncertainty, unsure if it had already traversed into the realm of dreams or still firmly tethered to reality.

When dreams held sway, the world transformed into a mesmerizing tapestry, where the significance of all witnessed during the day dissolved, seemingly insignificant compared to the wonders of the dreamscapes. In the realm of dreams, imagination reigned supreme, offering access to uncharted dimensions beyond the constraints of wakefulness. A realm so captivating that the dreamer yearned to be forever lost within its embrace, resisting the call of the waking world.

Yet, as the morning light chased away the night's shadows, a metamorphosis occurred. A few cups of coffee and the soothing cascade of a shower awakened a desire for productivity and a quest to build a tangible reality. The allure of the waking existence grew stronger, its demands insistent, tempting the dreamer to leave behind the mystique of dreams and embrace the perceived reality.

However, within this juxtaposition of dreams and reality, a moment of hesitation lingered at the state of absolute 0. A questionmark emerged, beckoning introspection on whether the dreamer was allowed, or even willing, to embark on the journey to the magnificent state of dreaming once more. A delicate balance between two worlds, both enticing in their own ways, awaited a decision—an enigmatic crossroad in the voyage of life.