Psychosis of the collective voice

Oil on wood Board || 2022

50 X 40 CM
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Amidst the vivid strokes of this painting, the artist's dual personas beckon me to a profound contemplation on the interplay between art and the artist, both on and off the stage. I find myself grappling with the question of how we discern art as "wrong" or "right." Does the acclaim of a song by the masses inherently render it "right"? Furthermore, to what extent does an artist's public persona shape our perception of their art? And in the end, are we individually accountable for appreciating a creation despite the character of its creator, and what does this reveal about us?

My mind drifts to the infamous case of Michael Jackson, whose legacy is entwined with controversy. Knowing what we do now, do we label his music as "wrong"? If we still cherish his songs, what does it say about our emotions and the value we assign to his art? Can we truly disentangle the artist from their art, or is it even necessary to attempt such a separation?

The contemplative journey continues as I envision embarking on a road trip, the wind caressing my face through open windows, and "Beat It" unexpectedly blaring from the radio. Would I be inclined to turn off the radio out of a sense of moral obligation, aligning with what society deems right? Or would I instead allow the music to stir my soul, singing along with unbridled passion? If I chose the latter, which ethical boundary would I be crossing?

This introspective exploration of art and morality compels me to ponder the weight of our moral compass when it comes to creative expressions. As we navigate the realm of art, where boundaries blur and perspectives differ, our individual moral frameworks come into play. The appreciation of art and the artist becomes an intricate tapestry woven from personal values and societal norms.

In the end, there are no easy answers, only a vast expanse of questions and introspection. As I stand before the painting, I find myself immersed in the enigma of art and its connection to the human soul. And in that contemplative moment, I realize that the relationship between art and the artist, and the role of morality in this equation, remains an ever-evolving journey of self-discovery and understanding.