Psychosis of the collective voice

Oil on wood Board || 2022

Picture of the author

In this painting I touch upon the duality of personas within an artist (the artist off and on stage) and whether it is possible or meaningful to separate art from artist. What makes art “wrong”? Is a song automatically “right” if everyone likes it? To what extent does the persona of an artist influence how well their art is perceived? Are you the one ultimately responsible for liking a creation despite the artist? And what does this say about you? In the famous case of Michael Jackson, is his music “wrong” because of what we know now? To what extent does the guilt we feel when listening to his songs affect the value of his art? Are we ultimately able to dissect the artist from the art? and should we?

Imagine yourself driving on a road-trip with the windows open and suddenly “Beat it” starts blasting on your radio, giving you the same goosebumps this song always does. Would you turn the radio off because you know you should? because it’s the right thing to do? or would you start singing your lungs out? And if you did, what rule would you be breaking?

When it comes to art, how much does our moral compass matter?