Queen Of Sheba

Oil on canvas || 2019

40 X 50 CM
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In a time before telephones and the Internet, the Queen of Sheba heard stories about the great wisdom of a king far away. One can only imagine how stories traveled from one person to the next, changing ever so slightly with every new messenger. The Queen of Sheba was well aware of this possibility, but her curiosity got the better of her. What if these stories were true? What if the king’s wisdom was truly unparalleled? What then could they achieve together? She decided she had to know and so she embarked on a journey from Ethiopia to Israel with all of her riches packed on the backs of her many camels. However, with every new day in her journey she began to wonder whether she was chasing after a rumour, a whisper. Filled with a growing sense of doubt and before giving away all of her treasures, she came up with a clever way to test the wisdom of this king: he’d have to solve all of her riddles. In the painting you can see her riddles fly in the air as pieces of a puzzle as she moves through the desert; but beware: Ceci n'est pas Salomon.