The Overthinker

Oil on wood Board || 2022

30 X 40 CM
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In the realm of boundless imagination, where existential questions find solace and reason takes flight, I find myself lost in a landscape of endless possibilities. Like most, my days begin with the rising sun and come to a close as the sun sets on the horizon. Material desires ebb and flow with the tides of consciousness, growing heavier in the wakeful hours and dissipating as slumber claims me. And in the realm of dreams, my mind weaves a tapestry of wonder, processing the events of the day in the most fantastical ways.

I am a dreamer, perhaps more so than most, prone to getting lost in the labyrinth of my thoughts as I chase the elusive meaning of life. During the day, I overindulge in these reveries, immersing myself in the depths of introspection. As I delve into the mysteries of existence, I feel the weight of materialism corroding, much like a car succumbing to the passage of time in a painting. My physical form, too, undergoes the same gradual deterioration as the days merge seamlessly from sunrise to sunset.

Yet, amid the dance of light and shadows, I sense a transformation within. The cacophony of overthinking is juxtaposed against the burgeoning voice of my soul, its resonance growing louder with each passing moment. In the vast expanse of imagination, I find a sanctuary where I can seek the essence of life's purpose and meaning.

As the sun paints the skies with its radiant hues, I strive to decode the secrets that lay concealed within the canvas of existence. With every sunset, a day's worth of pondering breathes new life into my being, rejuvenating my spirit. The cycle of dawn to dusk becomes an enchanting journey, where dreams blend seamlessly with reality.

And so, I continue to roam through the limitless landscapes of imagination, exploring the uncharted territories of thought. In this eternal quest for understanding, I embrace the perpetual metamorphosis, knowing that every sunset heralds a new dawn, and every dream nurtures the growth of the soul's resounding voice.