The Speed of Time and the First Letter of Creation

Oil on Linen || 2023

80 X 60 CM
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In the vast expanse of existence, where the speed of time intertwines with the first letter of creation, human consciousness finds itself akin to a character in a VHS movie. We navigate the script of our lives, comprehending the tangible details but mystified by the enigmatic VHS player that set it all in motion. Our perception of time is tethered to the rhythmic dance of numbers on our clocks, synchronized with the Earth's pirouette around the sun. Yet, this temporal dance is a parochial waltz, confined to the celestial stage of our solar system.

Amidst cosmic ponderings, a profound question emerges: is time intricately woven into the fabric of the Earth's solar sojourn, or does it transcend, embracing the universe in its entirety? The ebb and flow of causality suggest a universal metric, a cosmic heartbeat that resonates across the vast expanse. Could the expanding cosmos hold the key? Studies unveil a universe stretching its limbs faster than the cosmic speed limit, the speed of light. A tantalizing notion arises—could this expansion birth not only new space but also the elusive entity we call time? Is the speed of the universe's crescendo the tempo at which time itself is composed?

Human senses, confined by the lenses of perception, confront the cosmos with limitations. Taste, a slow dance of proximity, unfolds gradually in our minds. Sight, the swift messenger, captures the universe's grandeur. Yet, the accelerated expansion leaves us with a cosmic enigma, events transpiring beyond the frontiers of our understanding.

As the cosmic ballet unfolds, the question of time's constancy becomes an enigma, leaving us to ponder the nature of our perception. In our present epoch, the speed of time is our norm, an unspoken rhythm that dictates the cadence of our lives. A hundred years hence, the landscape of existence may transform, ushering in a subtle metamorphosis in the very essence of time. Imagine a world where the seconds, minutes, and hours no longer march to the familiar beat we now take for granted.

Human adaptability is a testament to our resilience. Could it be that our perception of time is inherently elastic, stretching and contracting to accommodate the fluctuations in its own rhythm? The speed of time, once an assumed constant, becomes a malleable force in the hands of the cosmic orchestrator. The chronicles of the past may be etched in a different time signature, yet we, prisoners of our moment, would be none the wiser. Our gaze fixed firmly on the present, the changing tempo of time might elude our notice, hidden in the folds of our collective consciousness.

As we traverse the ever-evolving narrative of existence, the enigma of time's mutability invites us to question the very foundations of our reality. Will the speed of time, a silent maestro, continue to conduct the symphony of our lives, orchestrating its undulating cadence beyond our conscious awareness? Only complete understanding will reveal whether the tempo of time remains a steadfast companion or an elusive phantom, dancing just beyond the reach of our perception. Will the mysteries of the VHS player, the orchestrator of our cosmic narrative, ever unveil themselves to the inquisitive minds of humanity?As we gaze into the cosmic abyss, the quest for understanding persists—a journey propelled not only by curiosity but also by the profound yearning to decipher the universal symphony that binds us to the very essence of time.