The Superposition of Existential Entanglement

Oil on canvas || 2023

60 X 80 CM
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In a world where senses guide our perception, we often find ourselves contemplating the nature of existence. Our five senses, touch, hearing, tasting, seeing, and smelling, connect us to the world around us, each tied to a specific organ. Skin, ears, mouth, eyes, and nose—gateways to a sensory journey.

Consider the sense of sight, for instance. Through our eyes, we capture the dance of photons, and our brain, a translator of the visual symphony, weaves together the tapestry of space within our minds. Yet, time eludes our sight. It is an intangible concept, only hinted at through the rhythm of day and night. We witness fleeting moments of uncertainty and chaos, which somehow find order in our consciousness, perpetually moving forward in alignment with the arrow of time we hold within.

While belief in a concept is a form of sensory perception for the mind, there is a different realm of sensations that captivates us. A domain that resides closer to the heart—literally and metaphorically. When introspecting, it is the area near the heart that draws our attention, invoking emotions and feelings. Throughout history, hearts have been attributed with profound significance, evident in phrases like "heavy hearts" and "I heart you." It is a sense shared by many. In my younger years, I held the belief that this sense connected me to another person—an unknown presence on the other side of this emotional spectrum. This connection transcended physical boundaries, allowing a mysterious interaction with an individual whose identity remained a tantalizing mystery, forever entwined in the fabric of my imagination. As time went on, this sense evolved, becoming entangled with the tapestry of my own life and the lives of those around me. It revealed the possibility of an intuitive communication—a beautiful thread weaving through the hearts of those within my radar, and perhaps even extending to those beyond.

Contemplating the nature of our existence, I find solace in the notion that everything is composed of energy and mass, endlessly interchanging on a minuscule scale. As humans, we embody mass and act as complex machines, continuously interacting with the energy that surrounds us. Our bodies possess a remarkable ability to perceive particles, yet the universe, with its enigmatic ways, veils its secrets from us. Why do particles behave differently when observed, compared to when they remain unseen? Does the universe intentionally withhold complete understanding, or is it a cosmic coincidence that we even exist at all?

Amidst these ponderings, a profound thought emerges—the beauty of energy's eternal journey. Energy, never ceasing, perpetually transitioning into something new, transcending the eventual deterioration of our physical forms. Could this mean that the bonds we forge with our loved ones extend into the infinite eternity, assuming such a concept exists, for it implies the existence of time itself?

As we navigate this grand tapestry of sensations and contemplations, we embark on an endless quest to unravel the mysteries that surround us. And even though the answers may elude us, the mere act of seeking provides a tapestry of its own—a testament to our insatiable curiosity and the boundless potential of the human spirit.