The Worlds Invitation to Play the Game of Individualism

Oil on canvas || 2020

80 X 60 CM
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In a time when dreams knew no bounds and the world shimmered with enchantment, the young hearts beat with hope, unburdened by fear. A world so magical, where love and dreams were worn openly like badges of honor. However, the passage of time beckoned them to traverse the path of individualism, a one-way track with little control over its destination.

In this fast-paced era, the hunger for consumption drove companies to yearn for ever-increasing profits. Long gone were the days of a simpler life, where families shared a single abode and grew food to sustain themselves. Back then, bartering was a way of life, a system based on trust and mutual benefit. Yet, the tides had shifted, and now, each person craved an entire house, a personal car, and a daily feast of meat. The alluring lures of individualism had been masterfully woven by marketing wizards, while rewards in the form of money fueled the relentless exploitation of Earth's precious resources.

Gone were the days when money symbolized an exchange of fate, a promise of fair reciprocation. Now, it had transformed into an incentive for recklessly depleting the Earth's bounties. The urgent need for sustainability on our increasingly crowded planet demanded a paradigm shift in the very concept of money. The companies, once seen as engines of progress, were now agents of destruction. It was time to make them accountable for their actions, imposing a price on their reckless endeavors that harmed us all.

But as the saying goes, the clock cannot be turned back. The backward clock of time, stuck and broken, hindered the mending of past mistakes. The consequences of humanity's actions loomed over them like a shadow, reminding them of their responsibilities. Until the day they could mend their ways and fix the clock, they had to bear the weight of their choices and learn from the outcomes.

The world awaited the emergence of a new era—a time where dreams were not overshadowed by selfish desires, where the pursuit of happiness was in harmony with the well-being of the planet. As the winds of change whispered in the hearts of the young and old alike, hope remained that one day, the lessons of the past would guide humanity toward a future where the magic of togetherness triumphed over the allure of individualism. And so, the journey continued, with the hope that the tale of their generation would be one of redemption and transformation.